Cocktail Menu


  • Mojito 55

    Bacardi, soda water, fresh lemon and mint
    Virgin 45

  • Ginger Pear Cocktail 50

    Vodka, Ginger liquer, gingerale, fresh pear and mint
    Virgin 35

  • Rock Shandy 40

    Lemonade, soda and bitters

  • Steelworks 55

    Ginger ale, soda water and bitters

  • Spiced Mojito 55

    Captain Morgan rum, lime and ginger ale

  • Mixed Berry Gin Cocktail 55

    Rosemary-infused gin with seasonal berries and tonic water
    Virgin 45

  • Strawberry Daiquiri 55

    Bacardi rum blended with strawberries and a twist on lime on crushed ice
    Virgin 45

  • PiƱa Colada 60

    Bacardi and Malibu rums, with fresh pineapple on crushed ice
    Virgin 50

  • Pomegranate Cocktail 55

    gin, pink tonic, blended with pomegranate juice and fresh pomegranate
    Virgin 45

  • Jam Jar 60

    Vodka, apple sours, lemonade and mixed seasonal fruit
    Virgin 45

  • Mango Gin Cocktail 60

    gin, lemonade, fresh mango served on crushed ice
    Virgin 45

  • Tequila Sunrise 60

    Gold tequila, grenadine and fresh orange juice
    Virgin 45

  • Blue Lagoon 60

    Malibu, Bols Blue Curacao, lemonade and crushed ice
    Virgin 45


  • Red Swizzle 45

    Baileys, red espresso and cinnamon
    Virgin 35

  • Salted Caramel Irish Coffee 55

    Jameson, Baileys, cream, coffee and salted caramel
    Virgin 45

  • Peppermint Hot Chocolate 55

    Peppermint liqueur, chocolate liqueur, hot chocolate and whipped cream
    Virgin 45

  • Toasted Coconut Hot Chocolate 55

    Bacardi rum, toasted coconut, hot chocolate and whipped cream
    Virgin 45

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