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Tulbagh Area

The Witzenberg valley is home to the towns of Ceres, Tulbagh and Wolseley, offering a variety of activities, from the leisurely to the adventurous.

Take a stroll down the historic Church Street and visit the oldest Church in South Africa, (amongst the largest number of heritage properties in a single street in the country), explore museums and art galleries, savour award-winning wines or go olive tasting on local estates.

Heading outdoors – play a round of golf, go horse riding, wander out for a hike or mountain bike along some of the most stunning trails in the valley.

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There are a number of exciting annual cultural and sporting events in the Tulbagh, Wolseley and Ceres calendar.

For more information, see below, or visit the Tulbagh Tourism Website.

Some Of our favourite

Tulbagh is proudly home to many award-winning wineries, each offering unique tasting experiences

Some Of our favourite

Indulge the senses

Some Of our favourite

Step back in time

The Historic Church Street hosts three museums; the Old Church, which dates from 1745 and is the oldest church in South Africa in its original form, No 4 Church Street, which is a museum to the devastating earthquake that hit the town in 1969, and No 22, which recreates a family home from 200 years ago.

Contact reception for current opening times.

De Oude Drosty Museum

Built in 1804 as the original magistrate’s house, today it is furnished with impressive antique furniture and artefacts.

Some Of our favourite

Tulbagh, and the neighbouring town of Ceres, have a number of exciting activities on offer

Some Of our favourite

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